New Students


REACH Memphis provides opportunities for deserving high school students to learn as they explore new places, gain confidence and prepare for success in college and beyond. Students participate in summer programs across the nation, engage in college preparatory workshops led by our staff and volunteer coaches and serve the Memphis community through philanthropy.

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"I felt a positive change in me from my summer experience. I had a habit that when I took pictures back at home or with anyone I would smile with my lips closed. This was not because I was sad or nervous but only because I did not feel comfortable showing my teeth or expressing how I truly felt. On the night before our final departure from campus we had a final dance. On my first picture with my two friends, I noticed a smile from me with teeth showing."

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"The office that I was in had several posters from previous seasons up with slim black frames, and the door had a personalized tag. The wood sign outside that was planted in the ground was the same design as all of the other signs on the campus pointing out landmarks. Then I realized: this was a top tier music festival. After that, I realized something else: I was going to be a part of it. Little did I know, however, how much I would enjoy myself, and how much I would learn."

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"Overall, my summer program was very beneficial in helping me to prepare for the next phase of my life. The college campus experience, classes, instructors and other students I've met all helped me narrow my focus - and provided great memories, too. I'm glad and thankful I was able to attend this program."

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"After meeting everyone in the program and going through the first week of classes in my summer program, I felt that I really experienced the life of an actual college student. This was phenomenal, to say the least!"

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