College Readiness (Returning Seniors)

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SF200  Completing the FAFSA and CSS (College Scholarship Service)
Complete the basic components of the FAFSA and/or CSS application, review necessary application materials and review useful resources for both applications. Understand the elements of financial aid awards and loans including distribution timelines and use restrictions/allowances.

SF201  Introduction to FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and CSS (College Scholarship Service)
Identify the basic components of the FAFSA and/or CSS application, obtain a checklist of necessary application materials and review useful resources for both applications.

SF202  Researching Scholarships and Grants
Learn best practices for researching scholarships, identify the best online databases for scholarships, review tips for organizing resources and how to create an eligibility profile to customize the scholarship search based on need, demographic profile and skills. Review the characteristics of loans, grants, merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships.

SF203 Basics of Budgeting
Gain an understanding of money management. Review the importance of staying net positive, learn budget-building tips, understand credit scores, learn about filing taxes and review the pros and cons of using a credit card.

SF204 Balancing Work & Study
Learn about resources for maintaining work/life balance and offer an introduction to college work study programs (how they work, qualifications, types of positions). Implement fundamental concepts of managing financial aid, adhering a realistic budget and managing scholarships, loans and grants.


SW200  Writing Your Way to College
Apply principles of effective written communication to produce college essays, useful study notes and compelling resumes.

SW201  Writing Your College Essay
Apply principles of creative essay writing to produce personalized and interesting college essays, learn how to write a compelling narrative and review tips on editing content and grammar.

SW202  Note-Taking Tips & Tricks
Review different methods of note taking to develop your own system and learn how to organize your notes to simplify studying.

SW203  Building Blocks of a Good Resume
Understand the basic process of writing a resume, including how to organize your credentials, how to edit for content and grammar and how to create a resume that reflects your accomplishments and goals.

SW204 Writing a Resume That Reflects You
Review examples of well-written resumes, identify essential components and participate in a hands-on workshop to generate a college resume in class.

SW205  Successful Study Habits
Review best note-taking practices related to reading for comprehension, retaining important facts and recalling information to prepare for tests based on individual learning styles.


SA200 Final Checks: Completing Your College Application
Review the final steps of the college application process to meet the applicable deadlines. Implement any changes or additions that need to be made in order to submit complete applications.

SA201 College Life: Staying Connected
Discuss the ways to manage multiple relationships while away at college including family, friends and professional. Learn how to stay plugged in to campus activities if attending a local college or university.

SA202 College Life: Resources and Rewards
Introduce the aspects of college life and how to make the most of your college experiences. Topics addressed will include: using your college resources, college work life, extracurriculars and finding your place.


SB200  Maintaining Your Personal Brand
Review the basic principles of building and maintaining your personal brand to include: how to create powerful presentations, how to present yourself in an interview, the importance of networking and how to do it well and how to leverage social media for your career.

SB201  Powerful Presentations
Learn the basics of delivering an effective presentation including what to say vs. what to show, presentation platform options and advance preparation techniques.

SB202  Interviewing Basics
Review the essential dos and don’ts of presenting yourself in an interview. Learn how to set yourself apart by practicing effective responses to commonly asked interview questions.

SB203  Advanced Interviewing
Participate in mock interviews to practice and improve question and response techniques in class.

SB204  Nuts and Bolts of Networking
Learn how to successfully navigate social and professional networking events. Explore ways to stand out using introduction techniques, asking meaningful questions and promoting your strengths/achievements to build lasting professional connections.

SB205  Leveraging Your Social Media Presence
Explore methods of maintaining an authentic online presence while building useful relationships through social media connections. Learn what to post, what to avoid and how to share content that establishes and promotes your personality.