REACH Memphis helps deserving high school students succeed in high school, college and beyond.

Responsibility. Excellence. Accountability. Community. Honor.

Established in 1969, REACH Memphis partners with preparatory schools and colleges across the United States to provide summer educational experiences to students attending public schools in the greater Memphis area. Since its founding, the program developed as part of the Memphis Volunteers for Youth Counseling. In 1990, Memphis PREP joined Memphis Partners and merged into the Memphis Rotary Club/Foundation in 1995. The organization became an independent nonprofit organization in 1997.

Graduates of the program have attended well-known universities such as Yale, Wake Forest and Harvard. To learn more about us, please email info@reachmem.com.


REACH Memphis provides educational opportunities for motivational students to achieve their highest potential by engaging them in a continuum of services including:

SUMMER EXPERIENCE. REACH Memphis partners with more than 50 preparatory school or college programs to provide educational experiences for juniors and seniors attending Shelby County Schools. We leverage philanthropic gifts to obtain approximately $300,000 in scholarships.

COLLEGE PREPAREDNESS COUNSELING. Students participate in development programs that focus on resume building, college fair etiquette, college application tactics, obtaining workforce experience and more.

COLLEGE READINESS COUNSELING. Specialized learning programs improve students' academic achievement, offer writing and interviewing assistance, aid in life skill development and present philanthropic opportunities.

COLLEGE COUNSELING. Staff and volunteers offer regular communications to support students' adjustments to college.

COACHES. More than 100 coaches help students build their futures through academic, personal and professional success. Coaches are paired with participants based on interests, skills and background.